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Trophy packages for the 2020 IPMS/USA National Convention.

Category Award Sponsorship Category Award Sponsorship

This description details the process for sponsoring a Category Award package, which consists of awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries in a Category selected by the sponsor. Sponsorships will be sold to sponsors on a “1st paid first reserved” basis.

A list of all categories can be viewed at http://www.nats2020.com/contest_pages/categories.....

Select three categories that interest you and make notes of the Category Numbers and descriptions. Go to the IPMS Store page and begin completing the order information. Be sure to list, from your 1st choice to your last choice, those categories that you wish to sponsor. This will allow for a more rapid processing of your request for sponsorship in case that your first and second choices have already been sponsored.

You can contact the Awards Coordinator directly via email at awards.Nats2020@gmail.com.

All Convention Items purchased via the IPMS Store will be available for pickup at the Registration Station July 29 through July 31. All items are too be picked up in person. No items will be mailed.

Our Price: $88.00